Whether you’re surfing the web, reading e-mail, chatting with friends and family or downloading, Armstrong is committed to making your Internet experience as fast, fun and safe as possible.  To help protect you and your family, Armstrong provides a variety of products and services for FREE.

Automatic Protection: E-mail Anti-Virus and Spam
Armstrong automatically scans incoming message twice to provide protection from viruses and Spam.  Each week thousands of viruses and nearly 100 million Spam messages are eliminated before they reach your Inbox.  That’s protection you can count on.   

Armstrong Anti-Spam
Tired of all that junk mail clogging up your Inbox?  Then you should try Armstrong’s Anti-Spam solution.  This highly effective, FREE product will help reduce unwanted e-mails before they arrive in your Inbox. 

To access Anti-Spam settings, login to your e-mail account today at www.armstrongmywire.com:

Click on Spam Preferences:

Here you will find several handy options.

Spam Preferences Choices When Off Recommended
Messages that are very likely Spam Delivered/Tagged/Deleted Delivered Deleted
Messages that are probably Spam Delivered/Tagged/Deleted Delivered Tagged
Messages that are possibly Spam Delivered/Tagged/Deleted Delivered Delivered

Deleted messages will not be delivered to your Inbox and cannot be recovered. Tagged messages will be delivered to your Inbox with a [SPAM] tag included in the subject line. After choosing your settings, please remember to click Save.

Want more control?
Add an e-mail address to your Always Allow list. Click View “Always Allow,” type in the address and click the Always Allow button to save your addition.

Add an e-mail address to your Never Allow list. Click View “Never Allow,” type in the address and click the Never Allow button to save your addition.