Now you can choose from a variety of
new components to personalize Armstrong mywire. Can’t find what you’re looking for?
Add RSS or XML feeds from your favorite
web sites. Login now to personalize your Armstrong mywire experience!

Login with your Zoom user ID and password and click    for two new options for adding content!

Select a category of interest (Business, Entertainment, News, Sports, etc.)

Choose from over 50 popular feeds including:

  • Fox Business News
  • Wall Street Journal – USA Home
  • iTunes Top 5 Songs
  • Fox News – Latest News
  • Wired – Top Stories
  • ESPN Headlines

Click Add to quickly add the new content to its default column on mywire, or click the arrow to add it to a column of your choice.

Click on Add your own component to add your own RSS or XML news feed to mywire.

  1. Enter the URL for your feed and click Submit.
  2. Choose a column and click Add.
Reminder - You can easily customize the location of your components on mywire!
  1. Grab a component by clicking and holding your cursor over the component header.
  2. Drag the component up or down within its column to your desired location.
  3. Release the mouse button to lock the component into its new position.

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